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Boho Bliss: Custom Saree Canopy with Handcrafted Walnut Wood Wall Holders

Boho Bliss: Custom Saree Canopy with Handcrafted Walnut Wood Wall Holders

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Saree bed Canopy - with handcrafted walnut wood wall holder

You will receive the exact same as in the photos.

Transform your sleeping space into a cozy cocoon of bliss with this one-of-a-kind boho bed canopy. Handcrafted from walnut wood rods and custom-made saree fabric, this unique bed curtain creates an inviting atmosphere of calm, perfect for meditating or snoozing in style! (For ultimate zen vibes, just add a few fairy lights!)

Walnut wood carving is a traditional craft from Kashmir and you can see wood carving details on the walnut wood rods. Together with the round wall mount piece you can fix these easily on your wall (needs 3 screws each).

Length of the rod: 22"
Total length of the sarees: 188 inches
You will receive: 3 walnut wood rods together with the round wall mount rod holder and the hand sewn vintage saree curtain together in this set

In the example photo, we fixed the top rod 75" high, the distance between the 2 rods on the side is 57" and from the side rod to the bottom the saree is hanging down 63".
Of course you can hang it in different ways, this is just our example.

You will receive the one one the photo or you can contact us and we will make one just for your, with your color preferences if we have them available

Please note: Processing tome for this is around 2 weeks. If you need it on a special date, please contact us.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Please note:

The cushions and floor cushion covers are NOT INCLUDED, but everything is available in our shop:

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