About us

Our story:

We love the colorful life, the togetherness, diversity and the warmth, that only India is giving us and we love travelling. With the dream to connect both, the idea for "The Shanti Home" came to life. So we started to built this unique boutique store while living at the feet of the Himalayan mountains, in Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama. Later we moved back to our home in Kashmir to establish some wonderful partnerships with amazing artists, in producing Kashmiri Namda rugs and more. Since the pandemic we live in Germany ( our other home), but visit India as much as possible.

On our journeys through India we find for you the most special, traditionally handcrafted, interior decor textiles, that are ethically made in India by small family businesses or vintage pieces from those comunities. At the moment we work together with 4 producers, one in Rajastan, one in Gujarat (our vintage Sari Patchwork products) and two in Kashmir (Kashmiri Crewel embroidery and Namda rugs) that help us create our designs and ideas.

Fairtrade and ethically production are our first priorities. Together with them we put new ideas into the making and help to promote their tradition of craftsmanship. We focus on using "used" textiles, to make something new again with it ( like our patchwork pructs) and our other focus is on natural materials like the Himalayan sheepwool for our Namda rugs and Walnut wood for our bed-canopy curtain rods.