Welcome to "The Shanti home" a one of a kind boutique store...

Saree Canopies

Our unique, hand crafted boho canopy collection. We make these round canopies with... 

Bed Canopies

Vintage saree - above bed or floor seating space, canopies with hand... 

... offering you colorful - storytelling textile treasures and more, artisan crafted and unique.

  • Who we are

    The Shanti Home is a Kashmiri-German family-run company. We love the colorful life, the togetherness, the diversity and the warmth, that we found in India and we love travelling. With the dream to connect both, the idea for "The Shanti Home" came to life.

    About us 
  • What we love

    On our journeys through India we find for you the most special, traditionally handcrafted, interior decor textiles that are ethically made in India by small family businesses or vintage pieces from those comunities. Besides the products that we make ourselves, we work together with 4 producers: 2 are in Kashmir, one in Gujarat and one in Rajastan. Here you can read more about our artisans

  • What we dream about

    We love to bring more colors to your home, with products that are that are one of a kind, that authentically represent the rich coulture of India and are ethically hand-made.

    We love to help communities to revive their heirtage crafts by providing sustainable economic opportunities for artisans and makers.

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